Suburbia UNleashed is blog about real people inside those neat little uniform houses, with the cute little picket fences and manicured lawns. Inside each house is a family with unique individuals who have some color and flavor that makes them special. I say splash that color all over the wall! Don’t be afraid to stand out in suburbia. You may feel the need to conform but let’s stand out together spice it up a little.

I am a thirty-something woman (wow, that still feels wierd to say) who is a victim of Generation Next. My chariott has not arrived although I was sure I gave the right address. I am both a mother (to a 5 year old holy terror who will someday either rule or destroy the universe) and an evil (she will have you believe this) step mother (to a 13 year old who is on the verge of self-awakening through her screamo music and Emo culture club) 24 hours a day which can confuse anyone with half a brain. I am a wife to a skateboarding, guitar playing kid who loves to restore old cars and thinks that lifting a jeep (our daily driver) 10 feet from the ground is awesome!(and all this while he is doubling as an adult during the day in his cushy office job). This is my life in a nutshell. Come enjoy the adventure….


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  1. I like your style and feel your pain. I look forward to reading lots more. Cheers!

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